A year on…

Haven’t touched this blog for an entire year, been a wee bit busy with keeping a transition blog instead (eeeep!) but here are 15 things that happened in 2015:

1) I came out on Facebook, and changed my name legally

2) Put together and held a naming ceremony, and spoke about it on Radio 4

3) Spent my first Christmas away from home

4) Met, dated, fell in love with Lauren

5) Got the job as Assistant Virger

6) Had first GIC appointment

7) Went to Lambeth Palace as part of DC, joined the welcoming team

8) Volunteered with two awesome projects working with homeless and mental health issues

9) Ran for a position on the HSU Exec (quite glad I didn’t get it in hindsight!)

10) Sat in the Vestry with Alison Balsom and fanboyed a lot

11) Discovered I’m not scared of heights

12) Led the Offices, licensed as Euch Minister, read a lesson

13) Got through the second year and did happily well this term

14) Survived, and loved, working the festive period, exhaustion aside

15) Continue to live with damn awesome people

2016 is going to be full of good things, today has already held a few, so long may this continue

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