Obligatory New Year posting :)

Got tagged in a Tumblr thing so figured I might as well blog it as well, hopefully with the intention of sticking to some vague resolutions!

14 things that happened in 2014 —

1) Moved into a flat
2) Played outside St Paul’s for the 20th anniversary of women’s ordination celebrations
3) Had my family come stay when Wakefield sang at St Paul’s, also Southwark for Michaels installation
4) Started serving at SMA, served for Lesley’s ordination with Desmond Tutu
5) Went to Whitby Folk Festival with flatmates
6) Went to Two:23 and then joined Diverse Church
7) Started volunteering at St Andrews
8) Got an actual job
9) Survived year one of uni
10) Tried to dance Morris
11) Played the Last Post on Remembrance Sunday
12) Met Andi for dinner in London
13) Volunteering at London Pride, Anniversary Games
14) Slowly coming out and being Nick in reality rather than just my head

15 hopes/things for 2015 —

1) Do more reading for uni work
2) Try and panic less about things
3) Worry a little less about the perceptions of others
4) Get round to learning to knit
5) Drink more water and try to eat better
6) Meet up with more friends when I’m at home
7) Get some sort of career plan
8) Be more involved at SMA as I was in first year
9) Be more involved in college stuff through student rep etc
10) Be more honest with the people I love about who I am
11) Come out on Facebook maybe hopefully
12) Spend less time on the Internet wasting time
13) Be more kind and less bitchy about people
14) Keep a jar of happy things
15) Have an awesome year 🙂

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