The transience of life

You know when it just occurs to you that at some point in your life you’ll watch your elders age and die? Well somehow that’s expected in a way, your parents die before you and all their friends as well, and life goes on, albeit in an abstract way. But try and contextualise it, your best friend, your sibling, your partner, might die and then you really realise the finitude of life. Life always ends, but sometimes it feels like a distant reality…but we have it easy in so many ways, we don’t have to worry about people dying so early, we won’t face these questions head on until people are in their 70’s or 80’s and we are too. But we will have to face it, one way or another. Not to sound morbid, but we should appreciate each and every day, because we have so much stability in our lives, and death and sorrow are so abstracted from us, but let us remember those who are no so well off, for whom every day is a constant reminder of a loved one lost, a potential never fulfilled. It is surely our duty as a common humanity to help those in distress, to reduce mortality rates and encourage people to appreciate the amount that they have.

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