University and transitions

Bright and early on Sunday morning I, and many other 18 year olds, will be moving out of home and carting all our crap (usually with the unwilling help of the parental removal firm!) into our university accommodation. I’m really looking forward to the change in surroundings and the challenges of academia, it’s been three months since I’ve done any sort of academic work having finished my A levels and whilst that fills me with trepidation of getting back into the routine of essay writing, meeting deadlines, doing research etc, I’m also looking forward to it. But first there’s the Freshers week to survive…not being a a great socialite I’m slightly apprehensive about this, but am pretty sure there will be many others in the same shoes and I don’t want to be something I’m not, much as my parents are determined I must get involved and be irresponsible and all the associated connotations of Freshers! If I manage to not make a prat of myself all week I’ll consider that an achievement 🙂

Leaving home is a weird thing, it’s ridiculously exciting, meeting new people, going to new places, getting lost, going to events etc is making me wish Sunday was here already. But I think I’ll miss the little things, like knowing my dad so well we make the same sarcastic comments in sync, and the Cathedral Layclerks who I’ve known all my life, with all their quirks and who are basically like extended family to me, and the way mum sings along to theme tunes or points out the randomest things on car journeys. We’ve sorted Skype so at least I can keep in contact aha.

There’s bags and boxes everywhere, there’s been the inevitable Saturday trip to IKEA (which was also full of students with parents pushing carts of plates, bedding and other essentials!), most of my clothes are packed, good luck cards keep arriving, I’ve said goodbye to my Cathedral and Parish Church families and it all feels a bit real! So, onwards to the next big adventure, I’ll no doubt post a follow up once I’ve got my bearings a bit and stopped wandering round London being lost!

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